At a recent meeting with Watkins I spied this Oracle on the shelf, I was delighted to be asked to review a copy.  One of my favourite all time reference books is Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible, I was not sure she could top that but believe me this deck is delicious!


Crystal wisdom oracle


The information and depth of each crystal card is insightful, intelligent and wise.  The deck consists of 50 crystal cards and a full in depth colour hand book.

I have had a pretty crappy day so decided to follow her instructions and meditate with the deck before I shuffled.   I did this and pulled the Charoite card (Number 50).

crystal cards wisdom


The description of the card is broken down in to 5 sections, its general meaning, Self- Understanding, Divination, Healing Insight and Frequency.

A brief look at this card is as follows:

Meaning:  Charoite provides deep and emotional healing. With its assistance you realise your greatest trauma is also your profound gift.

Self-Understanding: You are subtly driven by other people’s thoughts.

Divination: Time to take control you are going through an emotional change.

Frequency: High

I cannot tell you how true and apt this card is for me today. I am blown away by the accuracy.  The cards unlike some oracle cards are excellent quality with silver edging and plain backs.  The book is filled with information on how to use the cards not only for readings but for chakra imbalances, healing, meditation and in-depth profiles of each card.  Love, love, love this Oracle!

Highly recommended