Today is apparently Star Wars day.  Such a huge day in the calendar it was even on the news this morning, in fact a grown man in his Star Wars pyjamas telling us all how excited he was about honouring the day, with a day of back to back Star Wars DVD’s.   What made me smile was ‘honouring’, we spoke a lot about this at the Readers Studio last week.  


Due to some experiences this year, I have now begun to learn how to honour my work, something I take for granted because I just do it.   The appreciation of what I do came to the fore last week, I had no idea that anyone really took any notice, again, I just do it because I want to and I can, but a huge thank you to those who took the time to talk to me, to the lady who was too shy to speak to me because I was who I was (this mortified me, the thought that anyone would think I was unapproachable).  Now me and my big head shall knuckle down to some work, I am very excited about a project I have been toying with for some time which is soon to become reality thanks to a push in the right direction from someone looking from the outside.  I feel excited.

I have a book full of notes from the RS16 which I will share soon.  Still digesting the energy of the weekend, as I said before I feel like I have been on a 5 day rave!