Yesterday I had the most amazing day of clients.  Each one beautifully unique, all with their own issues, but someone special crossed my path.

A new client arrives, covered in tattoos, loud and full of life.  The reading immediately connects with a massive struggle, the Devil prevalent in the cards, suggesting addiction and a troubled life.  It turns out this man had a class A drug addiction for over 30 years, been clean for nearly 5. His blue eyes sparkled with life, he so much wanted something good, but this loud man lacked one special thing …… confidence.  He found comfort in spirituality and had studied paths with such depth he knew more than I will ever know (ok that might not be a lot but just saying).  I continue to turn the cards, they were so positive, we talked about his dreams and desires, go for it I said, he told me he was fearful of failure, how can you be I answered, you have already tackled the biggest demon you will ever face.  The reading concluded and he hugged me so hard I didn’t think he would ever let go.  Something changed today.   I saw hope for someone with no idea they could be better, he can and he will reach for the stars.

After the reading he said I had made him HAPPY, he had not used that word in a very long time. He left the premises believing in himself, he was the Hierophant.  The cards are just wonderful when they tune it like this.  Their message and guidance continue to amaze me.