It has been such a busy few weeks, a trip to Berlin, my father’s 85th birthday and preparation for the Festival and Conference which are both all year projects.

It was a lovely break this morning to meet an old friend for breakfast.  We have not seen each other for ages so loads to catch up on.  Half way through our chat, she asked me a question, she said if I had heard any gossip about her would I tell her, I said yes of course but I promised I had heard nothing.  Oh it’s not about me, it’s about you!  I felt sick.  She must have seen the horror on my face, what on earth had I done.  This lady and I have many acquaintances, it is amazing what a small world we live in. She proceeded to tell me what had been said about me by a so called friend. I was horrified.  I have never been anything but kind, generous and gracious to this woman. I am truly shocked by such a betrayal and more to the point there is no substance to her gossip. I added up the date, The Tower, that figures, I feel like I want to cry, my confidence has been knocked for six.  I hope she got a 10 minute thrill from being the centre of attention by dragging my name through the mud, needless to say she has been crossed off the Christmas list.

Just one last thing, when a woman works her way up to being perceived as successful, why do others feel challenged by that?  We can all follow like sheep but thank god some of us strive for more.  Nothing has been handed to me on a plate, I have grafted blood, sweat and tears to get where I am today, yes I am spiritual but I am also a business woman, we don’t all have to sit around a joss stick, wear a wafty frock and live like a pauper to prove we are on the path.  I am very pissed off right now.  Will I confront her? No of course I won’t, but one thing is for sure, I will be more guarded from now on, it appears there is snake slithering in my grass.