I have been involved in a long running thread on Facebook, where I dared to comment to a question.  I don’t usually but felt the need to reply. A lady writes that her life is terrible, everything is going wrong and she feels there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I wrote to her and said to examine why she feels so desperate, she did not go in to her life story but I said to look at what was going on in her emotional life, her work, her home where she was living and try to narrow down the root of this and where is started, blah blah, blah.  No response, not even a ‘like’. 

Then it starts ….  The treads followed ……..  A suggestion to pop a variety of crystals in her bra will do the trick.  Another suggestion to call in Archangel Michael he will sort it. Another idea … Waft a smudge stick around the home as that will clear the energy, and so the ideas flowed not one of them practical.  What really pissed me off they all got loads of ‘likes’  and smiley faces etc. These suggestions have a time and place, I am not adverse to any of these in the right circumstances (though draw the line at crystals in my bra, but have been known to have a waft with a smudge stick), but since when did the above sort a major problem.  A bit of placebo effect maybe,  I am starting to think some people are either naïve, guillable or stupid.   We all know where the answers to our problems lie, they are within us.  Practicality and facing a situation head on will fix things, not filling your underwear with crystals. 

I am not playing with that group anymore they have annoyed me.   I added up the date and it was the Devil, made me laugh, my tolerance levels are really not that high!