Blimey what a day.  I have a secret, no you won’t force it out of me, oh ok then , no I can’t, I don’t want to jinx it, but suffice to say I have a major plan for next year to do with my work.  It is quite ambitious and will involve working abroad.  Anyway I had a meeting today and mentioned said secret, they said do you know we have a magazine in said language, No I didn’t I said, and so for me this was confirmation to go ahead, I mean what are the odds. This is synchronicity at its best,  I want to shout “it’s a sign” but I don’t want to sound like I am going nuts (but it’s a sign, yes, definitely it is a sign)

I got back from London and had a call from Zandri my sons lovely girlfriend, apparently the little shit who scammed her and my son out of a lot of money 3 years ago has been arrested, he has now been charged and they are getting the money back, it is a considerable amount.  We did a lot of detective work to find him,  and you would not believe the spells and witchery involved (funny but true lol) I can’t believe how far we went to trap this scum of a human being, we went to court so many times trying to get justice, but on most occasions he did not turn up, we believe he just changed his name and continued to scam innocent people.  To be honest after much grief and tears, they had written the money off.  Today’s news has come as a real boost to them and quite a shock after all this time, I for one am happy to know that justice has finally been done.  God knows how many lives he has ruined and how many victims did not go to the Police, but at least for now, he can do not further damage, just found the Blog from the court case: 

Feels like a major shift has happened today, life is looking good