Oh it has been a roller coaster of a new year.  I decided (as I do every year) that this was the year I was going to shift my weight and start believing in myself.  On the 9th January I had a wake up moment.  I was ‘told’ by the voices in my head to create a Tarot Diet.   If I trusted tarot with my life and those of my clients, then why not with my body.  Ok, this is a good idea but how would it work.  I meditated before I went to bed that night and asked for guidance, I am often given messages through my dreams and this night was no exception.

A pack of cards were shown to me, the majors and court cards removed and the suits were placed in to 4 piles.  Pentacles/Earth would represent food of the earth, vegetables, organic food, pulses and grains. Swords/Air represent light food, salads in the main. Batons/Fire represent spicy foods, home made curry/chilli etc and finally Cups/Water represents fish and shakes.  This of course is just the basics, the idea is well extended beyond this, but too much to tell. As far as exercise goes, Pentacles (a day in the office dealing with work and money matters). Swords (meeting with friends, chatting, socialising) Wands (Active, walking, cycling) Water (Emotionally nurturing myself, whatever I might need in the moment). (Of course this whole concept revolves around a regular days work but making time for whatever the card suggests).

The night before I was to shuffle the 40 cards and ask, “What will my body need tomorrow” whatever card was pulled would not only determine my food for the day but also my emotional wellbeing.   When the card is pulled it goes back into the box, no chance of repeating the energy it gives.  I can share with you that this has been an amazing weight loss journey.  The cards guide well.   Last week I went to see a Transformative Trainer/nutritionist to help me to balance the food and tweak the eating plan.  I am feeling great.  Emotional baggage is shifting, tears have been shed as emotional crap has come to the surface, but today I feel like weight in every sense of the word is being lifted. 8lbs down to date and I can honestly say I don’t feel like I am on a weight loss programme. I write a diary every day, which is also helping me understand the cards from a different perspective.

So there you have it, the programme with the help of my nutritionist looks amazing, my body is feeling better inside and out.  I still have a long way to go, but I am loving this journey.  Feels like a Del Boy moment discovering the answer was there all the time “This time next year Rodders we will be millionaires” well this time next year I intend to like looking at the woman in the mirror, the journey has begun.  Finally to say my Tarot cards NEVER cease to amaze me!   I am thinking of starting a little group so we can see how we do. E mail me if you would like more information.  You know it makes sense!