I had a meeting in London and forgot the joys of catching a train during half term.  A family of 5 got on the packed train with me, I watched the mother as the unruly children made this the most unpleasant journey. I cannot abide bad manners and could feel myself getting more and more wound up.  When one of the horrible kids started choking by stuffing to many crisps in her mouth it did allow a moment of justice and respite, unfortunately not for long.

Anyway, the lady I met I have known for over 20 years, she is also a dear friend, once we got the work stuff out the way we had a coffee and a catch up. This lady is extremely successful and probably one of the most spiritual people I know.  I knew her when she was struggling to make ends meet, now she has a massive successful company and she never once doubted that would happen.  Her inspiration is remarkable. We originally met through a situation where I read about her in a magazine, at the time I had an ongoing emotional issue, I contacted her and when we met she gave me hope and promised me everything would be ok.  Thanks to her and her love and guidance it was.  However, yesterday we touched on the past, crap I thought I had dealt with became vivid once more, it was distressing, tears I thought had gone flowed but her kind words of wisdom have stayed with me through the night.   I often get visions through dreams and last night I realised that a new opportunity was waiting.  Self – harm comes in many guises, emotionally & physically, what is interesting to me, is that women who are body abusive which can include emotional eating or not eating, hair pulling, body harming just to name a few, that many of these women are highly successful.  I am not sure where I am going with this, but a little light shone yesterday, a sun day indeed.  Now to get my cards and ask for guidance.

By the way, you will never know how difficult this was to write, the fear of opening up because it shows vulnerability and weakness, but I know I am not alone, together we are strong!