A few days ago I was having a really productive and very busy day when I received a call from a client, although she is not a regular client I do see her maybe once a year.  A little while back she telephoned me because she was having a crisis and I laid a few cards over the phone to calm her down and give her guidance (no charge).   Anyway, in the middle of writing, she called desperate for a reading over the phone, I explained I was busy but to call back in 20 minutes and we would have a look at the cards.  I dropped everything I was doing to accommodate her. Reading done and crisis averted she said ‘do I owe you anything?’  I said to send a small payment as we were only on the phone for a short time, but I felt I did not want to set a trend for her to feel she could call whenever she liked and that I would read for free, anyway there needed to be an exchange of energy.  No problem she said.  Today a cheque arrived, I was not over bothered by the amount but what has really pissed me off was the sarcastic tone of the note enclosed which read ……….  I have sent a cheque as requested for the 10 minutes of your time ……!  In fact it was much longer than 10 minutes for a start.  Anyone who knows me knows I would do pretty much anything for anyone, but I am not a charity, she has made me feel like crap and I know I do not deserve to feel like this.   This lady is not poor by any means, but enough is enough, we all have to make a living but at what price?