The card which sits between Death and the Devil, I am sure she is in limbo waiting for something to hit the fan.   It has been a strange few days, I have a new project on the go which is in full flow, but I am also having to show a certain amount of action to support it which is not so good, nevertheless as hard as it is I am doing it.   Today has been a complete waste of time and energy, people not committing to appointments which really pisses me off when I am so busy, a whole day wasted as trying to get in to the flow of work in the afternoon is difficult. 

I am not sure what Temperance is trying to tell me, to create more harmony maybe.   This makes sense as someone asked me a stupid question today via e mail, to be honest if they had been standing in front of me it may well have resulted in a smack in the mouth.  Harmony indeed I am off to put the kettle on!