Kim Arnold logo with web  Today I officially announced that Psychic Café has changed its name to Kim Arnold.

The new logo is made up of the colours of the 4 elements, Earth, air, fire and water the idea is to reflect energy and balance.  The strap line ….  Stepping out of the shadows…..  is a long story but I will be brief.  Many years ago when I was having my daily ding dong with the church, the Independent Newspaper approached me for an article on Tarot.  My passion for the Tarot obviously came through and although the article did not reflect half of what I had said they wrote … ‘Kim Arnold, stepping out of the shadows’.   In the meantime I continued to hide in the shadows but never forgot that line, the article is framed on my office wall and is a constant reminder of how far I have come.   For a time I was nervous about popping my head above the parapet, which is ridiculous after all I have achieved (notice the positive vibe).  Can you believe I did not have a web site in my name in case someone thought I had an ego?  When you battle for respect of your trade for years and years you do eventually get tired of the fighting.    So here I am.  I am glad it is a Hanged Man day today as I am starting to see things from another perspective, and I have to say it is looking quite good.

I can’t share with you the balls up which happened today because I would get in to way to much trouble (lol) but just reassuring you there has not been a lightbulb moment I am as mischievous as ever.