I decided that 2016 I would step kicking & screaming in to the 21st century, this would begin with a video TarotScope Blog of the year ahead.  Having changed my clothes a thousand times determined to look like I had just thrown something together to look casual, I decide everything makes me look fat. This is stressful and I haven’t even started yet.  I digress. My dining room became my recording studio and after a great deal of time moving things around and setting up a ‘casual’ reading table, I begin.   It is strange that under normal circumstances one is able to string a sentence together, but switch record on a camera you become a bumbling idiot!  Still it might have been more entertaining with the swear words in but my impression of a fish wife was becoming far too good (lol).  After several attempts and just a few errors it is done, camera rolling, how do I turn the thing off.  Still being filmed I get up (not elegant) and hit STOP.  

I transfer the recording in to my laptop, it is around a zillion GB I have no idea how to edit it. So a whole waste of a day. I laughed when the day added up to the Star card, as I said I think Hollywood will have to wait!

I will not give up and will try again for next month, thank the Goddess for Google, it really is a hassle and a bind keeping up with technology but it is becoming the trend of reaching out to your audience.  

One more try then I am paying someone. I really don’t know why I put myself through the stress!!