thoth book cover

Review by Kim Arnold 

The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger

(Llewellyn) £15.99

Bearing in mind the Thoth deck is one of the most popular decks in the world, it seems strange that some Tarot readers do not like it deeming it ‘too heavy’ the truth is,  some modern readers are put off purely because it is  the work of Crowley.  If anyone is in doubt about the Thoth, this book will reaffirm the masterpiece the deck is, it is a creation of pure spiritual  genius.  Read this book if you want to increase your knowledge of tarot symbolism generally and learn more about Thoth.   I promise it will change your mind .    

 Although it is not a Tarot I use, I do own 2 Thoth decks, a 2nd Edition and a modern version.  When I knew I was going to review this book I was concerned about the possible time element in reading such an in-depth book.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived.  This is a BRILLIANT book on Thoth.  Each card is dissected in detail, together with a brief explanation of the card.  The author explains every tiny piece of imagery which is made easy by the use of highlighted pictures breaking down the card. 

I am loving this book and I am almost ashamed to say I had missed the meanings of most of the illustrations in the deck prior to this, I am now seeing symbolism which I did not know was there, this book has opened my eyes and made me dust my modern Thoth deck off the shelf. (My 2nd edition is to look at only).   The beginning of the book explains what colours mean, helpful tips to interpret the cards and a selection of layouts and more. All this before you get in to the real depth of the book.

The explanation of the symbolism is remarkable, detailed yet easy to follow.  I love that I am seeing this deck in a new light.   Although the book is dedicated to the Thoth deck, I highly recommend it as a book which will make you explore whatever deck you use in greater detail.    

Highly recommended