I have realised that all of my life I have hidden behind others, a complete lack of confidence in the way I look, speak and have always had difficulty in retaining information, so choose to accept I am a bit of an idiot even though in my heart I know I am not. However, inside there is a diva wishing to get out, I wish she would but then worried I might make a fool of myself!  

When I first started on this path, I had a new age shop (in fact 3 at one time) and spent 10 years behind the counter.  I realised early on that I had the ability to bring people together and ran a successful promotional company called Akashic Promotions, I had speakers from all over the world host events for me.  I stopped that business after many years after I decided I was working too hard for people with no respect for me.  I was always happy to do the donkey work in some case for no reward.  Something I have never been afraid of is hard work, but the truth is I am getting tired of it (not the tarot that will never happen) but all the bits around the edge.  It is with great relief that I am finally closing Psychic Café to concentrate on the one subject which has never been a burden, my tarot.

I am excited about the possibilities that the tarot will bring to my world this year including a long awaited trip to the New York Readers Studio in April, and although for some reason today I feel very emotional I know it is time to let go of the things which no longer sing to me and involve taking up huge chunks of my time.  

Is it ok to feel like this?  I am not sure, but today I start the rebranding of the Psychic Café web site to …. Wait for it ……  www.Kimarnold.uk yes I am finally doing it, my name in the logo (yikes) of course can’t find a good photo for love nor money, but today the journey begins.   I am coming out of the shadows albeit a step at a time.