Here we are a new year, how many times have you said (like me) in the last month or so, once Christmas is out the way …….. once we get in to the new year etc, putting things aside which could be activated at any time.  However, here we are, well and truly in to a new year, I hope you are buzzing with ideas, plans and ambition in a bid to make this year better than the last.

Today is Saturday, again another excuse, Monday life will get back to normal.   My decorations are coming down this weekend and Monday really will be a day of plans.  The healthy eating has already started and I am feeling motivated to in losing weight and living life better.  It feels like an Empress day to me today, planting seeds for 2016 and see what happens. First it is time to have a good clear out plus I have a tax return to fill in so reality is never far from the surface!

Things are going to happen in 2016 which will be exciting, I am literally bursting with news of the Tarot Conference but can’t share just yet, I have trips booked to New York and Berlin in April, so this is a real motivation for me to keep on the path, I aim to lose 2 stone in weight by then, I shall keep you posted! I say it every year but this one is going to be different.   

Happy new year everyone