On New Year’s Eve my parents will celebrate 60 years of marriage, their Diamond wedding anniversary.      As we really don’t let my Dad loose around the shops anymore, my mum has been looking for a piece of diamond jewellery for him to buy her.  (This is how it works, she chooses it, I buy it, give it to Dad he pays me then he gives it to Mum as a ‘surprise’ and she looks all thrilled).  Anyway, Mum had seen a pair of earrings in a posh shop at our local shopping centre, amongst the jewellery they sell designer handbags, sunglasses, etc you get the drift.  She calls me tells me where to go and could I have a look as she really likes them.

I went along and saw the earrings which were a few hundred pounds, I asked to see them, and was told they were not diamonds they were a ‘diamond like spray’, I commented in that case they were very expensive as they were just gold value, (sit down for this bit please) the assistant said to me, if they were diamonds you would not be able to afford them!   In response I said very calmly …  “you have just made a seriously bad error of judgement”, and walked out. I was furious, I could not give two hoots about her but how dare she decide what I could and could not afford!

When I had my shops I found that the people one might assume would not have two  pennies to rub together would spend, and those who pulled up in a posh car would be surprisingly tight.  I treated all my customers alike, except those I threw out the shop but that is another Blog. Oh quick story …… a lady came in one day all ‘spiritual’ showing off to her friends that she knew it all, she stood in the middle of my shop and commented that there was bad energy around.  I replied … it was alright until you walked in, so sod off back from where you came.  Aaahhh some days I do miss it.   

Well needless to say, diamonds have been purchased this morning and from a lovely old fashioned respectable jewellers!   The other shop can go to hell I would not shop there if it was the last shop on earth.  

Judgement indeed!