Earlier this year I went to Glastonbury, on the last day I had decided to walk up the Tor, but it rained heavily and left it, another time I said. Since then it has been the strangest few months because the feeling of leaving a task undone has really bothered me, I was kicking myself for not climbing the Tor, and aware that we are speeding towards the end of the year, I had to go back, I had to tie us this loose end before we entered 2016.

Monday 16th November, the weather was cold and fresh, a beautiful late autumn day, I bumped in to my friend in the car park which was completely out of context, we chatted then Martin and I went on our way.   A stop at the crystal shop where I fell in love with a beautiful statue holding spirit crystals, my stomach literally flipped with excitement when she became mine.

We made our way to the Tor, started the long walk up, I had forgotten what a long way it was, to be honest Martin and I sounded like Darth Vader, heavy breathing, couldn’t talk, up we went, about half way we looked back at the view, wow!  Onward journey until we reached the top, the wind was howling, but I felt a sense of achievement, I sat quietly on the little bench inside the chapel, closed my eyes and just listened to the wind, we were the only ones there, I was given a message.  I thanked the spirits and we made our way back down.

Now …..  I can’t share with you what the message was, but even as a middle aged reader/sensitive/psychic whatever you want to call me, I am still dubious.  However, two days later an amazing and I mean out of the blue amazing e mail dropped in my in box.   Things are changing for the better, the spirits of the Tor told me they would, I should not have doubted them,

Loving the Star energy, letting go of the old and welcome the new, I feel like bursting in song to Auld Lang Syne!