Last night around 9.30 p.m. Twitter feeds were going mad, there had been an ‘incident’ in Paris, we switched the news on and watched in horror as the violence played out live before our eyes.   We went to bed some time later with the news that 46 people were confirmed dead and hostages were being held at the Bataclan concert hall.     I woke at I put the TV on in the bedroom, the death toll had risen to over 100.

Of course you know what has happened, it is all over the news, I added up the date,   15 = The Devil.  It is the day after the carnage, and the reality begins to sink in.

The Devil card is interesting because he represents deception, he holds power over people usually through fear.  The perpetrators are manipulated and controlled in the belief that they will meet their God and be greeted as a hero.  I have never believed in anything I cannot see, religion is a menace in my eyes.  I hope we will someday be able to release the chains the Devil holds, but sadly good does not always overcome evil.

I have to finish with such heartfelt sympathy for the people of Paris, my heart feels so heavy today.  The latest death toll has reached 127, every one of these innocent people, enjoying a Friday night out, was a mother, father, daughter, brother, sister, friend, colleague, such a tragic waste of life.  How on earth do we comprehend such an act of terror, I truly don’t believe we ever can, it is too cruel beyond words.  There is no answer, but I suspect more violence will be imminent.

I want to say stay safe, but how can we, when some nutter is prepared to strap a bomb to his body and die in the name of his religion. Rather be vigilant, trust your gut feeling if you don’t like being in a situation which makes you feel uneasy then move.  I remember after the London Tube bombings people did not want to get in to a carriage with a Muslim carrying a rucksack, I was one of them, it is a terrible thing to say, even racist, but that is how is was.  The Devils chains are very much at large, be aware not invisible.

Take care my friends especially those living in the Cities, if something does not feel right, it probably isn’t.