The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura

I loved this borderless deck, each card invites you to work with the elements and add depth to your readings.  The colours are deep and inviting.  All of the 3 decks I am reviewing were used in my group last week and everyone got something out of these cards, even those who were not familiar with reading cards, each were able to work with the imagery.    Every time you looked at a card you found something new.   Artist Kiri Ostegaard Leonard has captured perfectly the energy of the Green Witch.    These were very easy to work with on a intuitive level.

If you are dipping your toes in to witchcraft these are a lovely way to help you understand how to work with the elements. They present witchcraft in a sensible and non challenging way.  These are a keeper for me, highly recommended.

Suitable for any level  £24.99

Magic of the Flower Oracle by Tess Whitehurst

I am not usually a lover of Oracle decks but these cards were beautiful.  These were also used by my group and the readings were stunningly accurate, even down to the lady who picked the card Dandelion, I said I felt it was connected to her daughter, who apparently has a dandelion tattoo on her body exactly as it was portrayed in the reading.  The information we gathered from this card was nothing short of amazing.   The cards are beautiful, and aside from just being oracle cards the accompanying book also recommends Bach Flower remedies where applicable.   I feel these cards would be a perfectly compliment a tarot reading, particularly as the energy of each card is empowering.

Again they are borderless cards, the artist Anne Wertheim has created a beautiful vision within each one.  I am loving this review as much as I love the cards!

Suitable for any level £22.50

Raven’s Prophecy by Maggie Stiefvater

These were the least favourite deck of the three used.   The cards with their orange borders are dark.  They are not typical tarot cards, I feel that if you are not already familiar with tarot then you may struggle with these.  I used the numbers to help me identify better with each card as some of the images were odd to say the least.  The publicity information describes the images ‘as a lush tapestry of my-thology and dreams’ which is very accurate.  I feel this deck has a ‘Marmite’ effect, you will Love them or HATE them.

However, they were a complete contrast to the other two decks we reviewed and if you are looking for a deck which is straight to the point, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s then I do recommend this deck.

Intermediate to Advanced £19.99