Interpretations from Tarot Basics by Kim Arnold (Hay House) 

Pisces-9 Wands – 2015 was a challenging year, moving two steps forward and three steps back, and that whatever you try to achieve at the moment is proving difficult and challenging.     The beginning of 2016 is likely to be a difficult period.  However, don’t despair, often situations such as this can be the beginning of our greatest achievements as, when the situation turns in your favour, you will understand why so many obstacles were put in your path.   It is important to remind yourself why you are doing all you can.  Facing up to a difficult situation head on will enable you to learn much more about yourself and allow your confidence to grow.

Aries– The Moon – This is an important time for you to trust your instincts as your perception will be high now.  We associate this card with deceit, be careful who you are sharing your secrets with as they may not be as loyal as you first thought.  If you are hiding something, you will need to be extra careful during this influence, the Moon card has ways of bringing hidden issues to the surface.    This is a good time to look at your past behavior, has something from your past affected who you are now, or a situation you find yourself in? There is often much soul searching under the Moon influence. Whatever the issues, trust your gut feelings.  Look at your negative habits or over indulgence and how you can break these destructive patterns.

Taurus– The Chariot – The challenges which you are faced with represent a minor upheaval, it is important you do not blow things out of proportion.  The matter in hand can be dealt with swiftly and calmly as long as you do not let your emotions take over.    Although this may sound negative, the Chariot is in fact a positive card, the outcome is often for the best, even if it feels like it was a challenging road getting there.  There may be physical movement such as a new career opportunity or house move.  There is almost certainly an anticipation of inevitable change happening around you.  However, the Chariot is all about choices and decisions. 2016 will bring you out of your comfort zone  and the end result will be well worth a short period of struggle.

 Gemini– Queen of Wands – If you are looking for work or promotion, now is the time to put yourself forward as your energy levels are high.  You may be thinking about taking on a new challenge.  Being inactive does not sit well with you.  Joining a group is a good idea, although it is likely you will end up running it in time!      The desire to achieve great things, become a leader and step out of a rut will feel important to you this year.  Once you know what you want to do, you will move mountains to achieve this.  If you have someone in need around you, you have the power and personality to help them move forward.  You are a generous friend and give others the confidence to achieve their dreams and desires.

Cancer– Queen of Pentacles – If you have been through a difficult period, you can share your concerns with someone your trust without fear of judgement.  Changes around work or hobbies may be prominent as we enter the new year, those born under the sign of Cancer do not welcome change easily so it is important that inevitable changes and shifts are embraced. The vibration of this card will reinforce your need for independence and security.  Your financial security is important to you now and you need to look for ways to make this reality.   Home and family are important and maybe you have recently over indulged financially.   However, this is a positive card, it is time to take control of your finances it will not take long to get back on your feet.

Leo– Ace of Pentacles – This card represents a new opportunity or a gift of money.   It reminds us that our fate is in our hands and that we have the power to create abundance despite our current circumstances.  If your finances are in a dire state, the Ace of Pentacles sends a positive message that things can quickly change for the better if you look seriously at ways of removing any negative obstacles.   If you are looking for work or starting a business this is a very good time to get the ball rolling and plant the seeds of new ideas. Although we often associate this card with money it can also relate to juggling home life, health issues and work.  This is a practical card and will bring stability to the area of your life which is currently causing you concern.  Under the influence of this card you will find a little extra effort will go a long way

Virgo– 2 Cups – Pay attention to this period in your life and do not dwell on the past. Expect opportunities to materialise as the future looks bright. This is a good time for partnerships, not only of a romantic kind, but also new friendships being made and business partnerships being formed.     If you are looking for love, this card has all the right vibes for a special person to enter your life.   This is often a meeting of eyes across the room moment as it can be a card of attraction rather than a meeting of the minds.  If you are experiencing difficulties in a current relationship a decision will be made for the best. Ultimately this is a good card for achieving harmony even if sacrifices have to be made.  If you are wondering if you will ever meet your soul mate, the answer is ‘yes’ so make sure you are making the most of your social opportunities as you never know where he or she might be!

Libra– 9 Pentacles – It is likely you have come through the other side of a difficult period in your life and feel hopeful about the future although, after experiencing a certain amount of drama and excitement, life may appear to be too quiet.  The negative side of this card, can be boredom.  In some instances this card can suggest a physical change such as revamping your wardrobe or beginning a healthier lifestyle or diet.     How you decide to live your life is on your terms as you have gone through hardships in order to know your own mind and what is best for you.   Remind yourself how hard you have worked to get to this point and that now is the time for rewards.  You may be feeling extravagant and if you can afford to then why not!

Scorpio– 5 Swords – This card suggests that conflict and challenges are around you.  Keep calm and allow difficult issues to resolve.  Someone close to you may be looking for an argument but do not rise to the bait.  Control your emotions otherwise issues may escalate and get out of hand.  Whether you are facing conflict of the mind or physically it may feel as if you are in the middle of a battle zone.  Everywhere you turn, there is another issue waiting to be dealt with.  Nothing is flowing or coming easily to you at this time.   Although you may be in a stubborn mood you will have to consider a little more give and take if you wish to resolve issues quickly and without further conflict.   If you are feeling like a victim in a situation, mediation will help to bring matters to a close.

Sagittarius– Page of Wands – There is an urge to be spontaneous therefore when this card appears, if you have been feeling that you are in a rut, things are likely to change.  You are entering a period where you will experience a new lease of life and feel energised and ready for action. This is a good time to make progress. You may be emerging from a difficult phase in your life, but you will begin to see an improvement as issues begin to resolve.   There could also be a new love interest or person entering your life who will become a trusted friend and companion.

Capricorn– 4 Wands – This is a joyful card and can relate to news of a happy family gathering, possibly news of a marriage, anniversary or birthday, any occasion when family and friends come together in celebration.    This is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck and often appears after a time of challenges.  This card signifies that you have much to look forward to.   We do not always know what will change the course of our life to make it more balanced and joyful, but the Four of Wands prepares us for the changes which are about to happen.    You are about to find the strength to change things if you have been in an unhappy situation.  This is a card which is full of surprises therefore expect the unexpected in a positive way.

Aquarius – 8 Swords – The blindfolded woman in this card represents your inability to believe you will ever be free of your current worries.  Whether you are burdened by an unhappy relationship, money worries or work related issues, every problem has an answer and it is important to remember that you always have a choice.   The choices you make may not be easy, in fact, it is likely you are facing tough challenges in resolving your difficulties.  However, one small step forward may be all that is needed to make a positive difference. It is time to look at your options and you may indeed have to face your fears but the situation may not be as bad as you believe.  Look for the answers, they are there, you just have to put in the effort to begin your new journey.