You know how it is when you are asked to do something almost a year in advance, it seems like a good idea.   Today is my birthday and I am speaking at the Mind Body and Soul exhibition at Alexandra Palace.  It does not bode well when I find out it is bugger to get to.  Finally after a long journey I arrive at Wood Green tube station and then have to get a bus from bus stop B.   I come out of the station to be met by a huge junction, traffic coming from every angle.  It took me some time to find the bus stop, but finally I did, having just missed the bus.  Carrying a laptop and books, I waited …… at last the bus arrived, I jumped on the bus, hit my Oyster card on the reader and sat, I get off at Alexandra Palace train station, and walked ….  And walked   …….   And walked ….. I stopped a lady and asked where is the Palace?  She explains it is a good 15 minute walk up hill, best get a bus she said.  Back to the bus stop I went and wait, the bus comes I pay again for the rest of the journey and arrive in a filthy mood. (breathe, love and light (not)).

Anyway I arrived, some 20 years ago I loved these shows, now I felt like I had landed in woo woo land. A few things different since I last went, a haircut reading for one, I was tempted as I have a few hair extensions thought that might be funny, but expensive at £30 for 20 minutes, I wasn’t that bothered. I stopped to curiously look at a stall where a lady (well she actually was no lady) had a few decks of tarot face down, she said let me tell you about Tarot, she was quite aggressive and pushy,  I said no thanks and was just going to explain when she basically said ‘up yours’ to me. Charming.

I wandered in to the Yoga show, Hot Yoga is all the rage, you can practice in a tent at the MBS show (at a charge of course), I had asked my mother in law who is a yoga teacher about this trend, she said, it is a fad, it is hot yoga because in India it is hot, end of, but now we can recreate it, get hot and smelly and feel like you have done a good work out, well done. Ha ha.   The only thing I purchased was a chocolate muffin and a strong coffee.   I decided my patience was not coping well so I would go to room 2 where I was hosting my workshop and sit in on the others.  The first lady taught nothing,  just plugged where you could buy her stuff and her workshops, and the second workshop also plugged workshops in particular YoHo, are you ready for this ……..  basically Yoga on a horse, Oh did I say it was £140 to partake. Anyway, then it was my turn, so the guy who had plugged his Yoga on a horse asked what workshop I was teaching,  Tarot I said, oh he said, I don’t believe in that. I retorted with, I think you have a cheek after what you have just spouted. He back tracked, I didn’t mean to offend, if I could have been bothered I should have said well you bloody well did. I kept my cool.  Anyway my beautiful group arrived, including a few lovely ladies from the Conference who turned up to support me, we had a great hour. It ended with all being well in the world.