It is the Sunday after a wonderful conference, I don’t want to harp on about the trails of my last 3 months or so but I can share with you that I was seriously panicking about the Conference.  Numbers were down on last year and I had no idea how to turn this around.  About a week before the event I sat quietly and decided that what would be would be, no point having more sleepless nights, if the figures didn’t add up then I would just have to take a deep breath and deal with it.  Basically I let go and handed it all over to the universe (not in a woo woo way) but it would be whatever it would be.

Literally, a few days before the event, the phone did not stop ringing, e mails from people who suddenly found out about the event through the most strange avenues were booking.  More people just turned up on the door than ever before, something magical had happened.  Today my hallway is filled with boxes waiting to be sorted, dotted within these are gifts given to me by lovely people and I am feeling happy and satisfied that I did my best despite working against the odds.  I realise the Tarot Community is a family, I read a Blog written about the event and it was described as Kindred Spirits coming together, how apt that is.

I added up the date and it is Justice/High Priestess,  I should have had more faith!!