From Tarot Masters our Hanged Man by Linda Hare (Rowan)

 Suspension in the air I don’t have a clue

But from this position I see more than you

Let go of all you think you are, become what you can be

And if you change your point of view

You will see as much as me

To me the Hanged Man will always be Odin, sacrificing what is for what could be.  Sometimes we need to be suspended in space with the ground pulled from beneath our feet before we can allow ourselves to see things from a different perspective.  In most of the tarot card packs I have seen the Hanged Man seems quite content with his position, his face is passive and he seems to have accepted that for now, all he can do is hang around and wait.  His world is indeed upside down but he realises that for now there is nothing he can do to change it.    This is the space of learning it is time out, and sometimes, although you would not have put yourself in this space you can sense that he knows all will be well.    He knows the meaning of sacrifice but in letting go of his ego he has found his true self and is content for now to see how things play out.

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