Things have been going really well with Martin’s recovery, although he is sleeping a lot and at times a little breathless other than that you would not know there is anything wrong.

It was a bit of a surprise that at 4am yesterday, he sat up in bed with chest pains, he takes his spray, then again, then again, the pain does not go away, I dial 999, the operator asks us to make sure our house it lit up so they can find us quickly, she will stay on the phone until they arrive, minutes pass (seems like forever), and they are still not here, where are they I asked, they should be with you, I stand on my doorstep and can see headlights but no ambulance, I walk out in to the street and the house two doors up is lit up like a Christmas tree with the ambulance outside, I wave frantically and they move down to us.  What are the odds of that at 4a.m.!

The ambulance people were lovely, the paramedic asks loads of questions, all very important then asks urgently for milk, what is that for I said, thinking it is something to do with Martins condition, I have terrible indigestion he replied, which really lightened the mood. Off Martin goes with a blue flashing light, he knows his way around the hospitals by now.  I follow shortly after.  Anyway, after lots of test, 14 hours later he is released with inflammation of the heart wall probably due to his recuperation exercises which he started last week, he told me proudly after his session, he worked so hard at the gym with the cardiac team they could not get his pulse rate down, it seems this badge of honour has set him back another couple of weeks.

One thing I know for sure, I am no nurse, the saying comes to mind, I have one nerve left and everyone is getting on it.  I have nothing to complain about but am wondering how full time carers find the strength to keep going, because it is wearing, I thankfully have a light at the end of the tunnel, but for all those long term carers out there I have a new found respect for you.

Thank you for bearing with me, this Blog really does help me keep sane and get things of my chest.  More soon, hopefully back to my silly news and Martins recovery.