Friday 17/7/2015 = 23 (5) The Hierophant    A pretty normal day, Martin my husband had been working in Edinburgh and due back later today, I spoke to him on his way to the office all pretty normal, we briefly discussed meeting for a drink or dinner depending on what time he arrived back.   Two hours later, a frantic phone call from him, pains in his chest, hot and clammy, feeling sick.  I told him to get to the medical centre immediately.  The next thing I hear is that he is in the Western Hospital, Edinburgh with a suspected heart attack.   The Hierophant of course means that we should not challenge or work against what we are experiencing, often I would say to pull yourself together but this was different.   I was 600 miles away, should I go, is it a false alarm?  They were doing test, I was to do nothing until I heard.  The waiting is the worst. At midnight it was confirmed he had a heart attack at the back of the heart and it was serious.

Saturday 18/7/2015 24 (6) The Lovers    The strength of family truly came together this morning, Martin’s lovely Mum and brother leapt in to action as did my parents.  I managed to get a flight a few hours later and went straight to the hospital.  He was sitting up in bed with a smile on his face, I was a little confused as the man I was seeing in the chair did not match the serious symptoms of what had happened.  The Doctor came round and said the heart attack was very serious and they would take him to surgery on Monday.  After visiting, I got a taxi in to town to a hotel in Haymarket, I am not familiar with the areas in Edinburgh but assumed this was ok, the room cost enough so it should have been.  I went to the room, unpacked and headed to the bar for a glass of wine,  a rowdy group of men and women were complaining about their £600 bar bill.    In my posh Kent accent I asked for a glass of wine, the man standing next to me used the most colourful language to complain about the bill, he leant over the bar, grabbed the bar man and punched him in the face!     A fight broke out when I was asked if I was part of the group.  Sounding like the Queen I protested how dare they think I was with this load of scum,  as bodies bundled on the floor as the Police arrived to arrest them.   Bed time I think.

Sunday 19/7/2015 = 25 (7) The Chariot  This is a day of trying to instil optimism as the tests are not looking good.  The registrar comes and tells Martin what can go wrong.  Talk about the prophet of doom.  I am trying to be positive saying they have to tell you the worst scenario but it will be fine.  In my heart I knew it would be ok but even I was beginning to wavier (definitely a Chariot mood).   I had now checked in to a small B&B near the hospital so I could walk in 5 minutes if needed.  The people of Scotland were wonderful, I went in to town on the bus in the morning and asked the lady sitting next to me if it would be obvious when I got to Waverley station, Martin could not fly so we would have to get a train home.  She asked if I was on holiday, and I burst in to tears, I am so sorry I said I don’t seem to be able to control when they come.  By now the whole of the bus knew why I was there, pats on the back, hugs and comfort poured out, the lady got off the bus with me and walked me to the escalator to the station.  Stay strong hen, she said, I am thinking of you.  More tears, just please don’t be nice!

Monday 20/7/2015 = 17  Star – reducing to 8 Strength  The day has arrived. Martin is going down to theatre late morning.  He texts to say he is on his way, and will see me later.  Another text, there is a delay, he will be going down after lunch.    I am going crazy with worry, 2p.m. another text, definitely on his way to theatre.  I go to the hospital and wait, he should be back within the hour, and hour and 15 minutes pass, no sign of him.  I feel sick, a silly thing, but the thought of coming home without him possibly bringing his bag made me burst in to tears again.  Then he appeared, he put his thumbs up and I had to wait until I could see him.  The operation was successful, 2 stents, significant damage but after recuperation and much rest and healing he should be as good as new.   Tomorrow we can go home.

Tuesday 21/7/2015 18 The Moon  The day has arrived, taxi booked to take us to Waverley station, he is not allowed to lift, walk fast or  have stress.  I am like a pack horse two heavy bags which cant be pulled in tandem, his laptop bag my hand bag and a carrier bag of medication.  We are on our way, now one thing about Martin, if the doctors said don’t, then he wont ……  he gets out the cab I struggle with the bags, taxi goes, Martin says where is my laptop bag as the taxi disappears in to the distance.   Oh shit, I think you could have managed that I said, I thought you had it he said. We have words.  I called the taxi company after much frantic ringing around they found our driver and yes indeed the laptop was there.  The driver comes back as cheerful as anything and drops it off. Stress levels now through the roof.  We are early for the train so grab some lunch, I asked for a salad, I kid you not the barista said no one had ever asked for that before.  He managed to make one up, I think he may have got it out the bin, it was horrible.  We end up walking miles for the train as it pulls in the other side of the station, picture me overloaded with all the luggage, goodness knows what people must have thought lol.     Stress levels at an all time high. Martin said I should have left him and got the plane home (I resisted saying don’t temp me)   The train journey is good, thankfully first class and quiet.   It was definitely a Moon energy, as we got to London and the trains were packed due to an incident, whatever that means.  We had to stand on a packed train, I looked around, no one knows our story, this time last week our lives were good, now a little cloud hovers as Martin is on the road to recovery and for that I am thankful.

I am also truly thankful for the outpouring of love and support from our friends and our wonderful families who have moved heaven and earth where possible to make the journey of the last few days as easy as they could for us.  On that note, myself and Martin thank you all from the bottom of our  hearts for your concern, we are truly blessed  xxx