Starstream Oracle by Cheryl Vambrach Rose

Journey of the Goddess Realm by Lisa Porter

The Winged Enchantment by Lesley Morrison & Lisa Hunt

Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley

With a box of US Games decks arriving just in time for my Psychic Cafe Evening I thought what a better way to ‘test’ the cards and receive valued feedback than to use them with my group.

I had written some exercises to use the cards, and divided each deck between the 16 people in the room. The first deck was the Starstream Oracle which is my personal favourite.  Beautifully illustrated cards with gold borders and stunning colours, each card has a main meaning and in small italic writing a few words of explanation e.g.,  Crown Yourself   “King Arthurs Footprint” it is hard to explain how clear and precise these cards are, there is not necessarily a lot going on in the pictures but the visual images are outstanding.  I love this deck.  This was also the feeling of the group.

The next exercise we used Journey to the Goddess Realm, the group had a love/hate relationship with these.  The cards have a blue border but some images are almost cartoon like or playful as some put it.   It depends on what you are looking for from a deck, if you want something light and maybe a deck you do not want to take too seriously then this deck is for you, as I said some of the group really jelled, however, it was the more advanced readers within the group who did not enjoy the energy of these cards and said they were not for them.   Each card has a Goddess Title and a meaning.  EG. Rhiannon, card 26, The Mystery, this shows a lady on a white horse.  The pictures are detailed and the artwork is clever, but I can see they are not for everyone.

We next used The Winged Enchantment, the images are beautiful but for me a little too much going on, however, I would sell my mother for an original to hang on my wall (better lol  in case she reads this). Each borderless card is named after a bird. . The pictures are stunning but with so much going on, the group found these distracting to read and in fact most used the symbolism of the name of the bird on the card to interpret.  I think I would have to spend some time with these to really connect with them as I do not feel I am doing this beautiful deck real justice, you can feel the passion of the artist within each image.  These cards I feel will and should be used for deeper work where you have time to explore.

Finally, one table used the Vintage Wisdom Oracle, these cards are painted in a Victorian & Georgian theme, each card has just one word such as ‘Union’  ‘Faith’ ‘Adventure’ etc.  and a clear image.  Each card has either a green or brown border,  they are a real Aeclectic mix of vintage themes, this is a cleverly thought out deck and the ladies who used them loved them, and on their say so, they are highly recommended and easy to work with.