It is Monday after the first ever Tarot Festival, I think actually history was made as this has not to my knowledge been done before.

I have never been afraid to take a risk but it is true as you get older you have to push yourself more.  The enthusiasm of your 20’s 30’s and early 40’s tends to wane as time goes on.   When I think of what I have achieved in the past without a blink of an eye, I look at that young enthusiastic woman and think, wow I had some balls.

Taking on this new project was scary, so much so I worked with partners, you have NO idea how much work and planning went in to this and with little money to lose it does concentrate the mind.  But I knew there had to be something more than the annual Tarot Conference,  the huge success of the Festival this weekend proved that if you put your mind to something you can make anything happen.  Richard Abbot wrote that nothing gets achieved by sitting on the sofa, I like that, and how true it is.   It does not matter how old you are, just one step forward can be the difference to making it happen.

The World card today I feel sums up how I feel, maybe I can conquer the World (ha ha), might be a good time to tell you I have an amazing project about to begin and if it happens I will be able to rest knowing that my work has been done.  I can’t share yet what it is as it involves a long process, but I hope to make an announcement at the Conference in October.  I truly hope this will happen, there is no chance of me sitting on the sofa just thinking about it that is for sure!