Thursday …… Today has been a much better day, I am now surprisingly organise, boxes are stacked by the front door ready for loading in to the car, paper work all printed, registers and workshop information at the ready.  I have been through the check list 100 times, surely I have not forgotten anything, (just remembered I haven’t packed my own Tarot cards oops).

I had time to get my nails done today which was a treat, but suffering a bit with back ache, it was only when I took my flip flops off I realised I have had them on the wrong feet, I have walked miles today going from one place to another, I wondered why I kept wanting to go left ha ha.

Anyway, a quick glass of wine tonight with a friend then home to pack a small bag as I leave tomorrow to get to the hotel, where I will meet with Geraldine and Bali to prepare the Windsor Suite ready for your arrival, Bali has boxes of bunting and goodies to decorate the room, you are in for a real treat if you are joining us.  This is going to be a tribute to Tarot as NEVER done before, I guess there is someone out there who will be hot on my heels ready to copy, but ‘Eat my Shorts’ Mr, nothing is going to top this (oh except my Tarot Conference in October but more about that soon).

Bye for now back with a full Blog next week.