The Tower energy maybe a little strong but I have reached my limit today.  My overactive brain won’t allow me to stop, new ideas keep coming but of course this all entails putting it in to action, another trip to the bloody wood yard, honestly I reckon they must think I am nuts, I am sure the guy nudged his mate when he saw me turn up again.    I reckon they can retire at the end of this week with the money I have spent there.

I just spent a couple of hours putting together a Magician poster and blurb.  My thinking is that the Magician will welcome you to the Festival, being number 1 and signifying new beginnings this would be perfect, particularly as I already had an AO size Magician poster (as you do), this then snowballed in to a Tarot birth card for the Festival, its meaning and what it will mean on the day, adding up to 19 (Sun) it then reduced to 10 (Wheel of Fortune) then 1 (Magician) a five minute write up ended up being an fricking essay.  Then I added a TarotScope for everyone to read on arrival.  I put this little display together, stuck it down which took ages to get straight and looked at it proudly, what a great job ……. then I found a spelling mistake…….. Bollocks!!     Off it all came again, spelling mistake rectified and I ran out of tape to stick it back down.  All done now.  This stress drives me to food, rummaging through my freezer I have found a scone which is now defrosting (gawd knows how long it has been there, interestingly I also found the local vicar in the freezer (the freezer spell not the actual vicar), I think he can come out now as it has been 2 years) I digress, scone will be demolished with a cup of tea as soon as this Blog is live.

Don’t get me wrong I am so excited about the weekend, I had a lady call today about the event, she was so excited , as I told her what was happening on the day she could only gasp OMG OMG OMG OMG, she will be there I am very sure.    Time to sit in the garden, breathe and eat cake, back tomorrow, I should put ‘Gone Fishing’ on the door so I am not disturbed.