Tuesday ….. I spent the morning creating a ‘Did You Know’ section about Tarot, looking for little bits of information that even the most experienced Tarotists may not be aware of, this turned out to be a really addictive exercise, and took far longer than it should have.   The phone has been ringing off the hook with enquiries about the weekend, this has made me very happy J

More wood collecting from the local wood yard all the wrong sizes again, but I will make it fit!! I have travelled north, south, east and west today picking up printing, shopping, gaffer tape (don’t ask).  Everything is time consuming, but as we get closer to Saturday I can feel a buzz of excitement.  We have put together, with thanks to Llewellyn a Tombola, Bali has an old fashioned Tombola machine, wait till you see what the prizes are, stacks of amazing decks and books, just fabulous!  I have written and printed the information about our talented readers, each of them has bucket loads of knowledge and experience, the reason I know this will be a fabulous event, is because of the fabulous people involved and supporting it, to be honest it cant fail to be successful.

Finally, my lovely friend Annie popped in for afternoon tea, a lovely hour of respite as we sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

As I type this, the laminator is heating up,  stock piled up ready to be priced, waiting for a call from the hotel with last minute questions and some research to be done on a picture I have, oh is that the time ……… now about dinner ………. better go look in the freezer!