I had a revelation last night, they usually come about 3a.m. I was to write a Blog on the build up to the Festival.  So here we are, it is Monday and I woke up with a million ideas, things to remember and ideas to add.  My focus over the weekend was creating a ‘Did You Know’ section all about Tarot, tit bits about Tarot that maybe you didn’t know.  A million ideas in my head transferred to paper ……  then I ran out of printing ink, so a trip to Staples to restock, don’t you just hate it when you get distracted mid flow.

The Pamela Colman Smith mini exhibition is coming along nicety, that was until I went to the wood yard to collect backing for the frames and sent over the wrong measurements .  The guy came out with cut wood the size of A4 seems I do not know the difference between cm and Inches.  Well who knew I was not a mathematician!!   Anyway it means another trip back there tomorrow to collect another load of cut panels,  the only good news when I went to pick up my prints I had got those sizes wrong as well, so not only an expensive day but hours wasted which I can ill afford this week.

This afternoon I spent sorting my stock, I love doing this job, half of it has gone back in to Kim stock, I am sorry something’s I just love to much!

I have just looked at my list for tomorrow,  better set the alarm for 6am