I spent most of the morning at Gatwick airport waiting for my son and his girlfriend to arrive home from Las Vegas.  As an observer, it was fascinating to see people coming through arrivals in to the arms of awaiting Dad’s, Mum’s, friends etc.  The flight from Trinidad arrived just before my son came out, what a laugh, it was a party atmosphere as they were greeted by friends and family who were eagerly awaiting.     One huge group stopped to do a chaotic ‘selfie’, taking ages to get everyone in the photo completely oblivious to the queue building up behind them who were wanting to get on their way.  Tut’s and groans could be heard from where I was standing, but nothing was going to stop the moment of the photo. Did the ‘selfie’ people care, nah, they were so excited to be here.

I love people watching, especially when there are different cultures to observe. What a difference between the laid back West Indians compared with ‘the move out the way I am in a hurry’ British,   Just an hour watching the World merge was fascinating.  Still my boy and his Zandri home now, I won’t be back at the airport until August.   Who knows what tales that might bring.