I woke up today wondering if I could be bothered to go to a talk in London that evening.  All day I was dithering.  Anyway late that afternoon I decided yes I would go, so off to Atlantis Bookshop I trotted for a talk with Tori Hartman.  Now …… one of the reasons I was reluctant to go was because in the last year I have attended a few workshops, which quite honestly have been mind boggling terrible, I wish I could think of one which lifted my spirits, taught me something I didn’t know and more importantly inspired me.  These workshops were a bucket load of money for a bucket load of crap.  So, you can see my reluctance.  However, this was different, firstly to my surprise it was FREE, and secondly Tori Hartman spoke about Chakra Wisdom and ticked every box on my wish list, she was wonderful, knowledgeable, inspiring, read the audience well, keep us motivated and really knew her subject.    I really did love her!    You see, I can give credit where it is due,  if only all speakers had integrity and not thrive on ego alone, it would lift the reputation of the ‘new age’ movement and make us look like at least we know what we are talking about.

Of course goes without saying my wonderful Tarot Conference speakers are the best in the world, the odd one in the past (over 12 years there has to be one) never grace my stage again, interestingly enough, the one crap speaker I had many years ago disappeared from Tarot altogether, nothing to do with me honestly. Standards …….. if only all promoters had them, we would live in a better world.

You can visit Tori’s site here http://www.torihartman.com/shop/pc/home.asp