I was quite excited to read this book, as someone who runs development classes I was hoping to discover some new ideas and techniques I could use with my groups.

This book is a daily guide to developing your psychic ability, and although there are plenty of ideas, as an experienced teacher I was not blown away by the content.   I had a feeling that half way through Alexandra ran out of ideas as some of the content was a bit thin on the ground.  For example: Day 167 – Your Beliefs – what is a Ghost? Suggestion ….  Write out your beliefs about ghosts and where they stand right now, think up some questions and techniques you can use to explore your belief further.     In my opinion this is not really helpful in developing your psychic skills.  I would love to have seen more content which encouraged you to interact with a particular tool or skill.

As we go deeper in to the book, there are 22 days taken up with each of the major arcana tarot cards, there is a brief interpretation of each card, followed by a tip, which was …. Meditate on the Fool, Meditate on the Magician …….  the same advice carries right through all 22 cards to the World card.

This book is geared to the complete beginner, someone who has no idea about anything psychic.  The information would be helpful and there is a lot of content. You could dip in and out of the book depending on what your interests were. It covers a multitude of subjects.

I must bear in mind, if I was just starting out on my path this would probably have some space on my bookshelf