Ten years ago today I closed my shop Enchantment, I ran the shops (3 in all) for over 10 years and I loved more or less every minute of.

My first shop had been open a week, when I was sitting at the counter reading’ Dear Deidre’,  in the corner of my eye  I was aware of someone standing close to the window looking in, I turned and it was a priest, I watched him as he took the large cross from around his neck snapped out the arms so it got bigger and held it against the window and started faffing with his hands.  I did what any self respecting girl would do, I rang my Mum, the conversation went something like this ….. (Me)  Mum, there is a Priest at the window with a large cross praying what should I do,    (Mum) tell him to piss off! (Me) oh ok then.  I went towards the door and he walked away, and I turned in to Basil Fawlty shouting up the street “and don’t come back again”.  That was the first time I realised the church might have a little problem with me (tee hee).  The stories of the next 10 years are a book of its own.  I made some wonderful friends, many I am still in touch with today.  Enchantment was a little haven of spiritual knowledge.  From the small acorns, the UK Tarot Conference was born, my promotional company and the Psychic Cafe network, who would have thought.

As the years ticked by I realised the shop was beginning to hold me back, also by this time people had discovered Amazon and book stores started to sell tarot, it was a lot of work for not so much enjoyment.   I would love to say I reluctantly closed the doors, but it was a joyful moment, Enchantment had done what it needed to do, it was now someone elses turn.