It was a surprise when I added up the date today, not sure about the Sun, more like pissing down with rain of late.  Well last week was a crappy week what with one thing and another, and I have been working on the most depressing project I have ever encountered and I have just finished it, still some tidying up to do but the bulk is done.

It is funny how things happen which make you re-evaluate, well plenty happened for me last week and now the shock is over, I will now be different.  Good old Kim (well less of the old) but I have seen the light, there will always be users, losers and abusers in the world but we don’t have to put up with it.  It’s a bit hard to change habits of a lifetime when you get to my age, but I am going to have to try because thanks to recent events I know now I really am not that important.  Don’t read this and think I am in the depths of depression, I am not, in fact feeling quite liberated.   Maybe it is a Sun day after all!