6th 7th March Wingham, Kent

Friday night was ‘Psychic Supper’ with David & Kim, he is such great company we nearly forgot to do any psychic stuff as the chatter around the table was lively and entertaining.  David did a short astrological reading for each of the guests, and I did a card reading for everyone.  The evening flowed as did the wine, though to be fair David and I were both drinking water keeping our heads clear for work.

Saturday 7th March …… The big day arrived, it seemed that I organised this so long ago, it felt like the day would never come.  Strangely, my lovely day attendees all arrived early, highly unusual (lol) but maybe intuitively knowing something very special was going to happen today and it was wise to arrive on time.

David began by talking a little about his life and what bought him to the work he now does. I love that not only is David highly knowledgeable about his subject, but he has a warm and attractive aura which just makes you want to know more.   The session began with a meditation, I have experienced his meditations before, they are truly powerful, and this was no different.  The music eerily played in the background creating an ambience perfect for the first of our many past life journeys we were to do that day.  Experiences are very personal, they touch your soul in a way you can’t explain, my own journey was quite emotional and I was glad that it was soon time for a break for coffee, not in a negative way, but grounding was needed.   This was lively break, with new friends being made and chatter about what people had experienced was heard in excitable voices.

The next session went deeper, I unfortunately was in the kitchen preparing lunch for everyone (did I mention I multi task?), but was told the next journey was deeper and more powerful than the last.

We broke for lunch and there was much excitement about my new book, Tarot Basics published by Hay House, who kindly arranged for copies to be available in time for the weekend.   Everyone went home with a copy which was an added bonus on an already brilliant day for me.

The afternoon session began and we met through meditation Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron ….. I went so deep I thought at one point I was going to faint.  I have never experienced anything like it.  One lady who had NEVER seen anything EVER in meditation had a real visual experience (a cheeky round of applause erupted). During one meditation we were asked to look in a mirror to see who we once were, first, I saw a Bindi, then very clearly a petite Indian lady wearing a vibrant red and gold sari.  Her face was so beautiful she was almost to stunning to be real.  I am not sure if that was me in a past life, because I am none of those things today, but nevertheless the experience was humbling.  At the end of that meditation we were told we would be handed a gift and that item would appear within 3 weeks, well I was given something very spiritual and symbolic to me, but even more spooky, my husband is off to India next week on business. David said not to tell him what it was and see if it worked out, as apparently this ‘gift’ might call him.  I have decided to tell him it was the Chanel Sunglasses I have been drooling over and try my luck, you never know ha ha!

David finished the day by closing us down via a visual technique, then he did a reading for our birthday girl Liz, how lucky was she to have a short reading from David!   I keep remembering bits of the day, little flashbacks of parts of the deep meditations, very strange as I have not experienced this before, but I assume the amount of work we did on such a high level would be overwhelming if we processed everything and bought it back to everyday life.  I am sure spirit will drip feed what we need to know as and when.

It was a wonderful couple of days, and no review can do this justice as the whole experience was something very special.  Below I have a few testimonials from the weekend, this might give you some idea of how it went.

Feedback     Thank you so much for a fantastic day, it was the best EVER!

Thank you Soooo much for an amazing day, it truly was just what I needed, David is wonderful, such a lovely man.. I think we all wanted to take him home with us . Cannot thank you enough Kim for all your hard work in providing us lucky lot with such amazing
events and workshops, hope you manage to get some well earned rest now