I caught the end of a programme on Monday about a family thinking about emigrating to Australia, the mother who was going to be left behind was in tears as she said, I want you to go and have a happy life, I will miss you dreadfully, but please seize the day, don’t live a life full of regrets.  That short statement stayed with me all day.  Tuesday I did a reading for a young lady who was dithering about embarking on a new project, the cards were very clear and prompted her to move forward with it, she said to me, I know I should seize the day, to think about it, what have I got to lose.  That is twice in 2 days that sentence has resonated with me.   But what does it mean?

I have been quite fed up of late, in a strange way I feel like I am being bullied (there is a story behind this but it has to remain private).  I experienced bullying at school (yes Cindy Laker I have not forgiven you), then I was bullied when I started work at Lloyds bank (Bobbie Smethers I haven’t forgiven you either).  I wasn’t a weak person, so why do I attract people like this in my life?  The fear of speaking up in my  younger days made me vulnerable, so now at my age, I don’t expect to be treated like crap if I give a constructive opinion about things I feel passionately about.   To be honest I have no idea how to deal with the situation but it has been making me miserable.

Something clicked in to place today, because I have been officially offered a huge opportunity right out of the blue, the subject matter I am a little weak on, but I have decided to seize the day and go for it, challenge myself and believe in my abilities that I can and will do anything I choose.    As for the bullies, I have far too much Scorpio in my chart to forgive and forget, so two fingers to all of them, Kim Arnold is on the up!

Thank you Hanged Man, I have been able to see things from a different perspective today, and it feels good!