I am so pleased it is a Hanged Man day it has given me permission to stop doing my newsletter which was getting a bit carried away.  I am trying hard not to be bothered about something which is bothering me (if you see what I mean).   Maybe more on this another time, but deep breaths and let it go (ok maybe a few deep breaths …….. no it is still there).    Anyway I digress …….

It has been a strange old week, I had a thought provoking meeting with a man who I know I will work with later this year, who is the first person in a long time I have met that has the same thoughts as me about Angels and aliens.    I had my first Psychic Cafe last night in nearly 3 years and it was a blast.  We covered predicting the year ahead using all sorts of techniques and it was really fun.  I heard this week my book Tarot Basics will be out end of next month and I will very likely have some early copies.

When I sat down today to write the newsletter I chuckled to myself what a funny life I lead.  There are not many people who have what might appear to be wacky conversations which are perfectly normal to me, meet people who are a little off beam (I am one of them so no offence intended to anyone) and still have the joy of doing a job I love, never a day is the same.  In the past I have been tempted for about 30 seconds to get a ‘proper job’ but I would not change my life for the world.    It is a Hanged Man day, so I am closing my laptop, meeting friends for a glass of wine later and waiting for my husband to come home after a week working away.   Life is good (deep breaths again …..) have a great weekend everyone.

PS:  If you would like to pre order Tarot Basics (Hay House) please go to my shop page.   I will even sign it for you!