I am often sent books and cards to review, when this book dropped through my letter box I could not even look at the cover, it truly freaked me out.  I do not like the idea of it, to me it is something out of a horror movie, after much debating about whether or not I should read it, the lovely Beth Lawson came to the rescue and offered to read the book.  Thank you Beth, please see her review below.  Just for the record I am feeling a little easier about the subject having read the review.

Review by Beth Lawson   www.midnightangel.me.uk 

I found this book to be extremely interesting and thought-provoking. Although it is easy to read, and has a slightly comic approach by the author, it is certainly not for the faint hearted! All range of supernatural experiences and situations are documented from around the globe. This includes dolls that are reported as walking and talking on their own, to household objects that appear to be cursed, bringing more than their fair share of bad luck with them. Haunted ships and hotels to pictures and portraits that move and change colour for no apparent reason. It will be of interest to those who enjoy ghost stories but also to those with a deeper interest in the supernatural. However, if you are someone who prefers not to know about the darker realms that surround us all on a daily basis, this book is not for you!