A few days ago I had a very long e mail from someone highly regarded in the Tarot world saying that a certain person had given him my name as I was a top tarot expert (cough,  choke) and he felt it would be good for us to connect.  Anyway there is a project on the go which is very involved and he would be honoured if I would agree to be a part of it.    He sent a PDF file with the ins and outs of the project and I have to admit I have lost the will to live reading it, the worst news is that I am only on page 1.     I have a reputation for being easily distracted, but this takes the biscuit even for me.  Martin is working from home today and I didn’t even realise I was doing the following ……….  (me) “Martin it is a terrible thing that I have such a low attention span”  (Martin) “ Really I would never have guessed”.      In the middle of supposing to read up on the project so that I have some wise words when having a meeting later today,  I had in my hand an empty toilet roll holder as the distraction of putting on new toilet paper was more interesting than the job in hand.  Well I am going for broke now and bake a cake then get my nails done.  I have a Skype meeting at 3p.m. with said intelligent man, looks like I might have to pay attention and bring out the charm!