Today I was in London for an appointment.   It is nothing to worry about, but I need to have some treatment which I will have to pay for.  I applied to the NHS to see if I could get some help and after months of waiting was finally rejected.   Fair enough, I know the NHS is under strain, but to be honest, my file at my doctors must be about 3 pages thick, I rarely go to see him and even then I am on deaths door.

The evening of the rejection letter I sat in front of the TV, did a bit of channel hopping, and came across Britain’s Fattest People.  Firstly as these people are too fat to work, how do they afford the takeaway’s and in one case 16000+ calories of daily intake of food?  Then there was the support network, daily help (paid by the tax payer) to rub cream in to their folds of fat because their chubby sausage fingers are too big to do it themselves, anyway, why burn a few calories doing it yourself when someone else will pay for it, a psychologist, trying to get them to understand why they eat so much, also a personal trainer, why ……. to prepare them for gastric band operations at the staggering cost of £10,000 to the NHS.    The majority of these big fat lumps have never worked, never contributed one penny to the NHS service, it seems the less you do the more you get.   I could keep writing forever about this, but I am only winding myself up.

As for me, I shall work harder, save the money and sort myself out (as always) I thank gawd I am not a lazy scrounger and have always had a work ethic, as have my family and my husbands.   Where is it all going to end, a struggling health service literally buried under the weight of a mountain of people who can’t be bothered to take care of themselves!  We are so blessed in this country to have a free NHS, but how sad that it is abused by so many.

I have no friggin idea why it is a Temperance day, maybe I need to redress my balance, because I am feeling pretty wound up today!