Today I have been preparing for the Psychic Cafe’s 10th birthday event, new script written, a variety of cards and other divining tools packed, items purchased and we are set to go.  Then late last night, the text came from the lady who owns the venue, saying she and the staff were poorly and had to close the cafe until they are well.  I know these things happen and it is no one’s fault (and I wish them all a speedy recovery) but now I have the task of contacting everyone to let them know the event is cancelled, or at least postponed until a later date, it is with disbelief to realise some people don’t look at their e mails everyday, check Facebook, or can you believe it, switch on their phones, so think of me this evening standing outside the venue in the pouring rain (which is forecast) just in case anyone has not got the message.  Note to self, there really must be an easier way to earn a living!!