I thought I would write about the end of the year, but the Devil suggests we might be taking excess baggage in to 2015.  I have been trying to think of my major achievements in 2014, of course there are a few, writing a book has to be a big one as I never thought myself much of a writer, creating my short film was a wonderful project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-Z-xiqr1uY&feature=youtu.be and this will be used to help promote Tarot Basics in the new year.   Working with the talented Jeff Shepherd reminded me of the enthusiasm I once had, do we lose that as we get older????  I don’t know, but I really do have an itch to create something good in 2015, I need a challenge, something which excites me, I have no idea what it is but I am sure opportunity will present itself.

As for you ……… what were your achievements in 2014, what do you want 2015 to bring you?  You know, it is not that hard to make things happen we just have to want it enough.  On that note, I am off to decide what I shall wear tonight as it is New Years Eve, and be forewarned that I shall be singing Auld Lang Syne at the top of my voice on the stroke of midnight saying farewell 2014 and hello 2015!