Today I visited an aunt who is suffering with early stage dementia, it was a good day for her and I was pleased that she was very lucid and to some degree her old self.

I have been thinking about her all day, and I fondly remembered when I was about 6 years old, her and my uncle took me on holiday to Hayling Island Holiday Camp, they entered me for ‘Miss Sunshine’ and I won! I clearly remember standing on the stage in my best party frock, my name was announced and I was given a crown and a winners cup officially announcing I was Miss Sunshine.   Forward one year and we returned to Hayling Island, once again I was entered for Miss Sunshine,  it should have been a done deal, I was the reigning champion after all, of course I would win, well imagine my horror when I was only runner up, only a Princess, I threw a huge strop on stage and kicked the compare.   (Embarrassed face).   My uncle still gave me sixpence and said I was robbed.  I have no idea why I am sharing this story with you, just a little tale of indulgence of happier times.

I am turning off the computer for a few days as Christmas is upon us.  So just to say enjoy your family, don’t get stressed, and be blessed that you have loved ones around you, who knows what the year ahead will bring……… on that note I have done the year ahead TarotScopes so it might give you a bit of an idea!!

Happy Christmas everyone and wishing you all an abundant, healthy and happy 2015!