It has been a terrible week, the news from Sydney about those poor hostages being held in the Lindt Café, and yesterday the tragic news of the Taliban opening fire in a school in Pakistan killing over 100 children.  Too many times the beauty of this world is clouded by such evil acts, things that touch us all wherever we live in the world.   It is times like this that we realise what a compassionate species most of us are, the last few days conversation has been dominated by the sheer disbelief  of what has happened.     It is important to understand that no one is born evil, at least I don’t think so, but in life there will always be leaders and followers, those who know their mind, know right and wrong and those who are out to exploit.  (Big sigh) What can we do as individuals, we can only try and be the best we can be, be kind, be nice, be thankful.

The urge to write this Blog today has a slight ulterior motive, on Saturday I did a reading for a very well known author, she has written controversial and amazing books, a lovely lady, after the reading we got chatting and I mentioned that I was a Hay House author, I kid you not she was very impressed, here is me, someone who thought they could not write for toffees impressing this lady.  I do not put much on Twitter and as I had not put up a post for a while, I wrote a post about feeling humble about what happened that day.  Today a lady, known in the Tarot world sent me a nasty note.  Why did she need to do that, I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me, so f*ck off trying to stir up a pot of trouble, why do that when there was no need to, my initial gut reaction was to write back, but I didn’t,  I deleted her because believe me, if I had retaliated it would have ended up somewhere horrible.        With all that has gone on in the world this week, this is a minor incident of which I am being over sensitive, but it hurt because it was spiteful.   But you can see how things get out of hand. Just takes one little shit stirrer to light the fuse, and BANG off it goes!