On Black Friday I found myself in our local new Sainsbury’s which has just opened, I only went in for a loaf of bread and came out with a 32” TV, well at £79.99 it was too good to miss and I didn’t even have to have a fight to get it, I just strolled around at leisure.   The only problem is that we have no where to put it, but will now probably end up redecorating to whole house to accommodate the TV!

So as smug as I am with my bargain, I have just realised,  I have to do an end of year stock take in January, bugger, wish I had thought about Black Friday as an excuse to shift some stuff, I hate doing a stock take and it usually means drinking too much coffee and stuffing biscuits as an excuse to divert me from the role in hand.   Everything is in boxes which makes it more difficult, I am concerned I am leaning towards having a shop again but I think Martin might divorce me.

Thinking cap on, look out for my fabby offers, anything so I don’t have to spend 3 days in January losing the will to live!

Justice to day, things feel out of balance, time for action!