Do you ever have those days when you feel so overwhelmed you can’t do anything right.  Well, I am not overwhelmed with life but certainly I have too many projects on the go.    Do you remember that advert where the woman is a receptionist in a hotel checking in customers, next shot, she is serving dinner, next shot, she is making beds, next shot she is cooking breakfast, I cant remember the product, probably a tea advert, but it was about taking multi tasking to the limit as I think I am at the moment .

So what has been happening?  I have been looking for a new venue for the UK Tarot Conference as the venue of the last 6 years has increased its price by 33%.  I have spent days on the phone talking to alternative venues, but now the old venue, even with a huge increase is looking increasingly likely.  I am sure some of these places pluck a random figure out of the air and make it up.  Of course, I am not a huge corporation with a VAT number, just someone trying to put on the best I can without pricing the event out of the market.  Additionally,  I have also been looking for a venue for the London Tarot Festival on 4th July 2015 and have booked the Columbia Hotel in Lancaster Gate, if I had a huge bank roll the event would be elsewhere, but it is ok, a large room over looking Hyde Park and it has been fully refurbished since I last used this place in 2008.   Those of you who attended this particular conference will remember the ceiling coming in, but I am assured it is all safe.  I have to say the room looked beautiful.  More about the Festival later.

The Psychic Cafe is again coming to life, we celebrate 10 years in January and it has been a challenging business.  Sometimes I think I am ahead of my time, but the framework is in place and new creative ideas are flowing.

On a personal level, I had to dig out some paperwork for something which happened many decades ago, it has stirred up all sorts of tears and emotions, but I know I have to move forward and face my demons.  Deep breaths Kim ……  all in my life is good, the challenge that will face me next week is not going to be easy, but I won’t dwell on what has gone, only what I can do to make things better.  Sorry this is so cryptic, maybe one day I will share, but at the moment it stays close to my heart, healing is required, this is a Tower day indeed.