By Chad Mercree

Published by Llewellyn

I really enjoyed this book.  So much packed into a handbag/pocket sized book.  Chad obviously knows his stuff and you just know that he’s speaking from experience and that he has “walked the walk!”.   It describes, in detail, various ways to in which to hone your intuition, to really get your psychic abilities up and running .  As you move through the book there are numerous easy to follow exercises you can do to progress in opening up, discovering your own personal abilities and how to use them.  You go from chapter to chapter eager to discover and work on what comes next.

I would recommend this for anyone at any level of psychic development as I’m sure there are new ideas and ways of doing things to be learned and enjoyed. I found it an easy read and could easily relate to what Chad was saying as his wealth of experience and love of what he does shines through his writing.