Today I attended part one of a Buddhist Meditation course.  I arrived early and was greeted by a kind, quietly spoken gentleman, he directed me to the room where the meditation class was to be held.   I had arrived early and he assured me it was ok to go to the room and meet my new Teacher.   Filled with anticipation I entered the room and the Buddhist Master had his back to me, he turned and smiled, I thought, bloody hell its Ian from my class at school!!   IAN I screamed how lovely to see you, my dear Kim my name is now ****priya (I will protect his name as I would not embarrass him in a million years),   please try not to refer to me as Ian, that was my old life.  We chatted and I remembered what a gentle soul he was at school.  Now, my best friend is Chrissy, we started school together when we were 4, she is a very loud Mediterranean type if you see what I mean.   I heard her arrive, as bless her you always know when Chrissy enters a building, she clomped up the stairs and entered the room, “Kim, hi babe”  we greeted then she saw the Buddhist Master, “OMG its Ian!!” she screamed, Kim do you see who it is, he went through the whole process of …… we don’t refer to me as Ian anymore, please try and remember my name is **** priya.   Ok Ian she said.   Half way through the class, Chrissy nudged me, “What do we call Ian again”? Poor man we must have been his worst nightmare! You really had to be there I have been laughing all night!

Anyway, that aside, the meditations were beautiful and so was he, a gentle soul, how blessed my path is to have connected me with such lovely people from such a young age.

The Devil is an interesting card today, but something did release through his guidance and for the first time in months possibly years, I slept like a baby last night.  Roll on next week for the next session.